to be the guy who loves jewelry design


I wear it because it's something I enjoy. I have always searched for new pieces, somewhat against the mainstream designs. My intuition tells me that the best way to express my masculinity is with the simplest and cleanest jewelry design.

It can enrich every man’s individual style.

Unique carvings set in pure metal - that’s how I love it.

I design, because it’s simply my passion. Over the past years, I have created unique collections for women. Being inspired by the nature of my surroundings.
It has always been my dream to come up with something similarly extraordinary for men.
It was destiny that put Vito in my path. He presented his designs and together, we brought them to live.

Destiny is a series of events

Fascinating jewelry is intriguing for both of us. We met this one time. Vito, a commercial graphic designer and Rafal - jewelry creator. We started to talk more and then the possibility for cooperation emerged, now... here we are.

The Manos brand exists out of necessity. And necessities shouldn’t be ignored. If guys like us need a way to express our inner complexities, style and masculinity, then we better get to work! “Manos” is Spanish for “hands”. Best describing how our jewelry is made and how it is supposed to be worn.

All of our designs are inspired by nature, and of course we took the masculine element into consideration. That’s how we evision it and if you can feel the positive energy in our pieces - our job is well done!.... and that’s how we bring power to the jewelry space!